Support for Windows XP Ends 4/8/14

December 9, 2013


Dear Colleagues:

If you utilize a desktop or laptop that runs the Windows XP operating system then change is coming your way. Microsoft is discontinuing support of their XP and legacy operating systems, which means these systems will be more vulnerable to hackers. There will no longer be security patches, driver updates, or escalated support options available after April 8, 2014. Unless we act now, the entire UCSF enterprise will be more vulnerable as of April. Your help is essential. By April 8, 2014 all UCSF computers, whether Campus or Medical Center, need to discontinue use of Windows XP or any other Windows legacy operating system and upgrade to a security-mandated minimum of Windows 7. IT Field Services operating systems requirements can be found here. Whether or not you are directly responsible for your IT support, your active cooperation is imperative.

If you are using a desktop or laptop system supported by Medical Center or IT Field Services (ITFS), this upgrade will be managed for you. If your desktop support comes from a different source, please refer to the operating systems requirements and recommendations information on our website.

Contact us if you have a critical application or system that will have material issues upgrading to Windows 7 by the April deadline: Campus or Medical Center.

Your support of this important initiative is greatly appreciated.


Joe R. Bengfort
500 Parnassus Ave. MUE 526
San Francisco, CA  94143-0296
Office: 415-353-4273

Assistant: Maggie Cabrera
Office: 415-353-2719
Email: [email protected]