Criteria for Premium Support

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Premium Desktop Support is available for computers that meet the following criteria:

  • Computers used for UCSF business must comply with all UCSF security policies, whether or not they are UCSF-owned.
  • Computer must be able to run all UCSF-required software to meet security policies, including but not limited to
    • Anti-virus and anti-malware software
    • Whole-disk encryption
    • Host-based firewall
    • Strong password enforcement
    • Encrypted authentication
    • Software patches and critical updates
    • Disable unnecessary services
  • Computer is running Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.7 or later
  • Smartphones: iPhone with iOS greater than 5, Android 3 or greater
  • Tablets: iPad or Android device
  • Standard printers
  • Support technician administrative access exists or can be created on the computer. This can be a local admin account or a domain account with admin access.
  • IT can re-image a computer when necessary to resolve an incident or complete a service request. We only back up user profiles, so make sure you have installers and licenses for non-standard software.
  • Service Desk has the ability to remotely control the computer with the client’s authorization.
  • Support can only be provided at UCSF IT locations. We can not go to a customer's house to perform service.

While Premium support covers personally-owned devices, because of the compliance risk created by these devices we strongly encourage departments to provide UCSF-owned devices to faculty and staff whose jobs require them to work remotely.

Support for devices and applications not covered under Premium support are available by special arrangement for an hourly charge. Hourly support is best effort and is performed as time permits.

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