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General Overview


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Service Level Objectives


Roles, Responsibilities, and Requirements


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SLA Maintenance and Review




1.  General Overview

This is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the client and UCSF IT Field Services (ITFS) to document:

  • The desktop support services ITFS provides to UCSF
  • The hours of service availability and how to request service
  • The response times for incidents and requests
  • The responsibilities of ITFS as a provider of the service and of clients as subscribers to the service
  • A description of service assurance methods, customer service escalation paths, and service performance reporting
  • The pricing associated with the service
  • The requirements for periodic SLA maintenance and review
  • Client and ITFS approvals

This SLA will be reviewed annually and revised as needed.

2.  Supported Services

2.1  Service Description

ITFS offers two levels of desktop support service to the UCSF community:  Basic and Premium.  The tiered service model allows departments and individual subscribers to select the service level most appropriate and cost effective for their particular needs.

Basic Support Service:

The Basic Support service is an integrated suite of support services for campus faculty and staff university-owned Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Lync devices. Support staff use Bomgar remote control tools when available to provide assistance and service support. 

Standard productivity software, Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro, are included in the monthly subscription fee.

Support is provided by the most efficient method available primarily via chat or over the phone, with remote control assistance, via email, and through in-person visits. Service features are organized around the lifecycle of a supported computer:

  • Published supported hardware standards
  • Licensing for Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro (MS Visio and Project not included)
  • Recommended computer hardware available through BearBuy and updated quarterly
  • Tablet support for iPad and Android devices
  • Configuration with a baseline standard set of software including a current operating system, licensed common software applications, anti-virus/anti-spyware software, and remote administration tool
  • Compliance with campus security policies, and other configurations that may be specific to divisions or units
  • Connection to the campus wired and wireless networks
  • Bound to Active Directory for management
  • Migration of customer documents and preferences
  • Configuration of standard network printers
  • Retention of customer data for a minimum of two weeks to ensure completed data transfer. We can also copy data to customer provided media for archival purposes
  • Installation of software not included in the baseline standard when requested and properly licensed. Customers may be asked to provide installation media
  • Physical relocation of computers, if small and limited in scope, is included. Move coordination is by arrangement at an hourly charge.
  • Smartphones deployed with active sync  client to comply with security best practices
  • Administrative rights on devices are granted by exception.  User account can be given elevated permission to facilitate software updates without requiring full administrative rights. 5GB GB of storage are provided to each customer and aggregated at the departmental level.   
  • storage for all devices
  • CrashPlan backup service
  • Management of departmental file shares at an hourly cost
  • Patch management
    • ITS will provide automated, remote patching for applications on the standard image
    • Patching is done once per month, unless critical security patches are released that cannot wait until the next patching cycle
    • Patches are applied and usually require no action from the user.  If action is required, notification will appear on the screen from BigFix
  • Software Support
    • Support technicians will install and upgrade software in response to customer requests, changes to campus standards, security requirements, or to resolve problems.  Software may be installed with remote tools
    • Supported software is installed on university-owned Windows and Mac computers used for research, instruction, and university business
    • License key and installation media must be provided for software that is not site licensed or covered in the service.
    • In accordance with security policy, only software that is being actively updated/patched by the vendor will be installed. Exceptions will be made for university business or business systems which are not compatible with current software versions
    • Remote connectivity via VPN is supported for non-international connections
  •  Software Troubleshooting Support 
    • Initial investigation is always provided to determine if the software issue is system or network-related.
    • Problems with some business systems or specialized software may be referred to system/application specialists.
  •  Software Function/Usage Support 
    • The Service Desk facilitates finding documented solutions to requests regarding features and functions of supported software.
    • Service Desk staff will assist customers with application use questions in the form of referring to help systems, Google, FAQs, and other online resources.
    • For unsupported software, /services/service-catalog-and-gap-analysis Desktop Support will resolve installation and functional errors where solutions are practically available.
  • Computer Repairs 
    • Support for computer warranty repairs includes equipment pickup/drop-off coordination, shipping, tracking, verification of repairs and return.
    • Computer loaner is available for the duration of a repair/upgrade that requires the removal of the machine.
    • Customers will be responsible for time and materials costs of any hardware components that need to be replaced for machines that are no longer under warranty.
  • Mobile Device Support
    • Support staff will provide assistance for configuration and installation to Exchange (email and calendar) and UCSF wireless connectivity on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones.   
    • Support staff will provide assistance for iOS and Android devices of UCSF apps beyond email, calendar and contacts.
    • All other non-standard devices and apps are out of scope.  Support will be on a best effort basis, limited to 15 minutes.  Support beyond best effort will incur an hourly charge.
    • Support staff can provide assistance on-site for an hourly rate. (Minimum of 15 minute charge)
  • Printing Support
    • Standard networked printing is supported.  Includes client side connectivity and printing functionality. Standards are being developed with Strategic Sourcing to drive down costs, and with Documents Media and Mail to ensure compatibility with their hardware service.
    • Support for multi-function devices besides printing is supported at an hourly rate.
    • Provide triage and troubleshooting of printer problems.
    • Printer hardware maintenance is required and is provided in partnership with UCSF Documents, Media & Mail managed printer program.
    • Installation of client-provided driver software for peripherals such as printers, external storage devices, and input devices.
  • ITFS coordinates computer disposal with campus surplus and e-waste programs.
  • Hard drives are destroyed prior to disposal.

Premium Support Service:

The Premium Support Service includes all services provided by the Basic Support Service, with several differentiators that increase the overall scope, flexibility, quality, and responsiveness of the service.  Premium Support is designed to address the needs of customers whose needs extend beyond what the Basic Support model provides.  Examples of this include: customers who require extended support hours, faster response times, support of non-standard or out-of-warranty hardware configurations, enhanced training, special onsite support for presentations and events, and support for developer workstations.

Standard productivity software, Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro are included in the monthly subscription fee.

Key differentiators of the Premium Support service include:

Hours of Support:

Service Desk support is available 24/7/365.  Onsite field support is available M-F 7-6.  After-hours support is available through the Service Desk; field staff is available on-call and will provide remote support.  After-hours on-site support for UCSF locations is available with prior arrangement.

Response Times:

For responses to incidents, the ITFS goal is to assign and acknowledge ticket assignments from the Service Desk within 2 business hours of receipt.  We will make every effort to respond to urgent issues in less time (i.e., computer not working).


Premium Support customers are encouraged to purchase Dell or Mac hardware based on the JACS standards.  However, non-standard hardware models will be supported under Premium Support when a business justification exists.  Support for out-of-warranty hardware and systems greater than 5 years old will also be provided to accommodate special situations when hardware upgrades are not feasible (e.g., lab computer equipment running legacy software) by special arrangement.

Loaner laptops and projectors are available for reservation for up to 2 weeks.


Clinical applications requiring a local installation, Dragon, and other applications out of manufacturer support will also be provided to accommodate special situations when software upgrades are not feasible by special arrangement.

Storage & Data Backup:

10GB of storage are provided to each customer and aggregated at the departmental level.

User Training:

On-site training for application support up to 30 minutes including specialized expertise in productivity software including Office, Acrobat, Endnote and other software by special arrangement.

Project Management:

The Premium Support service includes project management for relocation coordination services for larger office and lab relocations (>3 people).  For very large moves, please contact us well in advance to coordinate and plan.  Services include: network connectivity planning; coordinating requests for static IP addresses for printers/workstations; disconnecting/reconnecting computers, printers, and peripherals; configuring and confirming connectivity to required resources in the new location; and follow-up floor support in the days immediately following the move.  For large moves or moves between buildings, the customer will work with a vendor (e.g., NorCal) to handle physical transport of equipment to the new location.

Event Support:

Premium Support provides on-site presentation support at UCSF facility including connectivity to projectors, configuring/confirming wireless network access, and presentation troubleshooting.  Please contact us in advance for scheduling.

For rooms supported by other groups, (e.g. ETS, CTSI) we will coordinate with them and escalate as necessary.

Administrative Rights:

Local administrative rights may be granted by exception when a strong business justification exists (e.g., developer workstations)

2.2  Service Catalog

ITFS clearly documents the details of the ITFS service offering in the ITFS Service Catalog

2.3  Service Limitations and Exclusions

ITFS cannot guarantee service levels when faced with circumstances beyond its control.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Natural or man-made disasters
  • Fire alarms
  • Electrical outages or disruptions
  • Building construction
  • Equipment failure related to abuse

ITFS is unable to offer the following services under Basic Support, Premium Support, or hourly support:

  • Support for computers located at client residences.
  • Support for devices not used for UCSF business.
  • After-hours on-site field support.  After-hours service for Premium Support clients will be provided using remote tools.
  • Support for unvalidated or untested software, especially if it presents an IT security risk.

3.      Service Availability

3.1    Hours of Service Coverage

The UCSF IT Service Desk is the entry point for requesting all desktop support services provided by ITFS. 

The Service Desk is available 24/7/365.  Service Desk analysts will attempt to resolve your issue remotely over the phone or by using remote control tools. 

If the Service Desk agent is unable to resolve your issue, the ticket will be assigned to an ITFS Field Technician for on-site support.  On-site field support is available to all ITFS clients Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 6:00pm, excluding UCSF holidays.

For requests submitted to the Service Desk after-hours or on weekends and holidays when onsite field support is unavailable and the Service Desk analyst is unable to resolve the issue remotely, the analyst will respond as follows:

  • Basic Support clients:  Service Desk analyst will assign ticket to a Field Technician for onsite field response the next business day.
  • Premium Support clients:  Service Desk analyst will contact the on-call Field Technician, who will then respond to customer within one hour and attempt to resolve the issue using remote control tools.

3.2    How to Request Service

ITFS clients may request service via the following methods:


Call the UCSF IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100.  This method should always be used for high-priority requests or issues involving patient care.Employee Self-Service Portal:
Submit a ticket online using the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal at (requires authentication with MyAccess credentials).  This method has a 24-hour response time and should be used for lower priority requests only.


Request service via email at [email protected].  This method has a 24-hour response time and should be used for lower priority requests only.


4.       Service Level Objectives

After assignment from the Service Desk to the field, the ITFS goal is to acknowledge requests with the client within the following response times:

  • Basic Support:
    Response within 6 business hours
  • Premium Support:
    Response within 2 business hours

These targets represent the maximum time that may elapse before a Field Technician responds to a ticket assigned by the Service Desk.  However, ITFS will always make every effort to respond more quickly when resources are available.

5.      Roles, Responsibilities, and Requirements

5.1    Service Provider Responsibilities

Service provider (ITFS) responsibilities include:

  • Clearly document the service in the ITFS Service Catalog.
  • Meet response times as defined by the Service Level Objectives (Section 4).
  • Review Service Level Agreement annually and notify clients of any updates or changes.
  • Provide systems configuration to meet UCSF Minimum Security Standards.
  • Appropriately manage customer communications, including notification of all scheduled maintenance.
  • Provide appropriately trained professional technical staff.
  • Publish quarterly reports on ITFS service performance.

5.2    Client Responsibilities

ITFS client responsibilities include:

  • Comply with university and campus IT policy and guidelines including:
  • Utilize the standard contact methods for requesting service (Section 3.2).
  • Provide a thorough and detailed account of the issue when requesting service.
  • Make a reasonable effort to be available when Service Desk analysts or ITFS Field Technicians require customer interaction to address a service request.
  • Provide ITFS technicians with full administrator access to supported devices.
  • Consult with ITFS field technicians prior to purchasing any hardware or software that will be supported by ITFS.
  • Accept responsibility for all planned and unplanned computer, printer, and mobile device hardware replacement and software costs including cables, peripherals, and lock-down devices.
  • Notify ITFS of any subscription changes in a timely manner, including adding new ITFS subscribers, cancelling service when an employee leaves the department, or changing service tiers between Basic and Premium.

5.3    Minimum Device Requirements for Basic Support

ITFS Basic Support is available for devices that meet the following criteria:

  • The supported equipment is University property, not personally owned
  • Computer is less than 5 years old
  • Computer is running Windows 7 or Windows 10; or Mac running macOS version released within last 3 years
  • Smartphone/Tablet: Current version of iOS or Android
  • Standard printers
  • Support Technician administrative access exists or can be created on the computer.  This can be a local admin account or a domain account with admin access
  • ITFS can re-image a computer when necessary to resolve an incident or complete a service request
  • Service Desk has the ability to remotely control the computer with the client’s authorization


6.      Service Assurance

6.1    Contacts and Escalation Paths

If a client is dissatisfied with the quality of service, the client may contact ITFS management using the following escalation path:

1.  ITFS Management:

2.    ITFS Associate Director: 


7.      Pricing

7.1    ITFS Subscriptions

ITFS service is billed on a per-FTE basis, rather than a per-device basis.  The monthly rates per FTE are as follows:

  • Basic Support:  $59.00
  • Premium Service:  $98.00

ITFS will recharge for service on a monthly basis.  The subscription recharge will follow the payroll distribution of each individual FTE subscriber unless special arrangements are made.

Clients are required to notify ITFS of any subscription changes by submitting a ticket via » Accounts, Access & Email » ARF: Account Request Form (Campus, SOM, ZSFG/SFGH) or by calling Service Desk at 415-514-4100 - including adding new subscribers, cancelling subscriptions when employees leave the department, and changing service tiers between Basic and Premium.

7.2    Hourly Support

Support may be provided on an hourly recharge basis if a client requests any service not offered under Basic or Premium support or if a non-subscriber requires support on a per-incident basis.

The recharge rate for hourly service is $82.00 per hour.

If hourly services are required, the client must provide ITFS with an approved funding source at the time service is requested.

7.3    Network File Storage

Secure network file storage is offered as part of the ITFS service.  The following storage credits are included with each ITFS subscription at no additional charge:

  • Basic Support:  5GB
  • Premium Support:  10GB

For billing, storage credits included in Basic and Premium are aggregated at department level, and the department is charged for the difference between the aggregated credits and actual total department storage (excess storage).

The recharge rate for excess storage is $0.60 per GB per month.  Excess storage is recharged on a monthly basis.

7.4    Conversion Fee

ITFS charges a device conversion fee of $150 when moving machines and users to ITFS-supportable configurations, systems, and infrastructure. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Reimaging, reformatting, or remediating (e.g., encrypting) devices to put them on a UCSF standard platform,
  • Replacing unsupportable devices with UCSF standard hardware,
  • Moving user and device accounts to UCSF's Active Directory/Exchange infrastructure, including local profile migration.

We will provide a cost estimate in advance of any conversion work, once we have a complete user and device inventory. This is a one-time fee for each device we convert. Once IT Field Services verifies that all devices are within supportability criteria, the fee will no longer apply for new device setups going forward. We can also support your department IT staff in converting your devices to UCSF standards by giving them access to UCSF images, checklists, and QA documents.

8.      SLA Maintenance and Review

ITFS will review this Agreement on an annual basis or otherwise as needed.  The contents of the Agreement may be revised if mutual agreement is obtained from the primary stakeholders.  Any revisions must be communicated to affected parties.

Previous Review Date:  February 25, 2013
Next Review Date:  February 25, 2014

The Agreement will be posted at the following location and made available to all clients:


9.      Approvals

Client Department Authorization:


IT Field Services Authorization: