Turn off unnecessary services

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Best Practice

Reduce the ways a computer can be compromised

What is an unnecessary service?

A service can be a web server, a file server, UPnP, mail server, etc. An unneeded service is anything running on a computer which is unnecessary. Computer operating system makers sometimes turn on numerous services before shipping the device. The services are not discovered until the system is compromised.

What services should I consider?

Are you running a web server? A file server? An iTunes shared music folder? BitTorrent? Telnet? FTP server? Mail server?

If so, ask yourself whether you really need to run these services. The best way to limit being the target of a remote attack is to minimize the ways an attacker can get into your computer. Turn off services not being used or ones that the operating system does not require to function.

For more information about what services can or should be disabled contact your CSC.

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