UCSF IT Digital Transformation

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Our Vision

UCSF is competing in a dynamic market that is increasingly impacted by digital innovation, new competitors, increasing complexity and the use of advanced technologies that are changing the face of health sciences. In order to compete in such market, we will position ourselves to be able to innovate in a rapid, iterative fashion in order to continually meet the needs of our customers and the business.  

Through our DIGIT program (Digitally Innovate and Govern Information Technology), we will educate, train, and partner with teams to adopt Product Management and help build communities of practice around each technology.  Through this program, we build customer-centered products that can quickly adapt and flex to changing business needs. 

Our Strategy

Establish a Product Management methodology within UCSF IT that will allow for rapid and iterative innovation in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the customer. For our FY20 IAP goal, we will be developing three new products: IT Portal, Cloud Computing, and Unified Communications & Collaboration.  

Latest News and Updates

  • 9/25/19 - DIGIT committee formed and met on 9/24/19 to strategize and review objectives. Members of this committee are: John Chin, Erik Wieland, Reba Brindley, Ryan Hunt, Paul Siri, Dana Adams.  10/1/19 - DIGIT committee added John von Eichhorn, John Kealy, and Frank Guerra. Met to discuss training opportunties and ways to help teams adopt Product Management methodology. 

Training and Education

Digital Transformation

Product Management​

DIGIT Committee Meeting Minutes