APeX 2018 Upgrade

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Why is APeX System being upgraded to Epic version 2018?

UCSF upgrades our APeX system every 18-24 months to stay on the current version of the Epic software.  Our last APeX system upgrade was in November 2017, so we have scheduled another upgrade in early February 2019.  We try to stay on the most current version of Epic software for the following reasons:

  • Required to keep Epic vendor support & receive Epic incentive discounts
  • Get available system fixes that impact existing workflows
  • Implement new functions to benefit operations & meet regulatory requirements
  • Take new Epic foundation content/build to reduce system maintenance
  • Support future community connect implementation with new UCSF affiliates
  • Prepare for EB & WB Epic instance merge project

How will the APeX 2018 upgrade impact me?

Unlike the APeX 2017 upgrade where we upgraded East & West Bay systems together, we are only upgrading the West Bay APeX system to Epic version 2018.  This saves UCSF money by not upgrading the East Bay instance that will eventually go away.  It also frees up Clinical System resources to continue preparations for the EB & WB instance merge project. 


Even though we aren't upgrading EB Epic system, clinical systems teams for East & West Bay are working together to review release notes and pulling operations together to make joint decisions on new functionality.  This makes sure we continue to align our workflows and reduce the build effort required during the instance merge project.  


Clinical systems teams are working with operational guides to determine which enhancements we should implement and also share impacts from automatic changes coming in the new Epic 2018 version.  As we get closer to the upgrade go-live, training teams will work with operations to provide training materials and make sure users are ready for the Epic 2018 version.


There will be a system freeze 2 weeks prior and 1 week after the 2018 upgrade to minimize changes and allow clinical systems teams to focus on their upgrade tasks. 


When will the APeX version 2018 upgrade occur?

To see a timeline with the 2018 Upgrade project activities, you can click on this link - 2018_upgrade_timeline.png.  The following are key dates of the APeX Upgrade go-live and system freeze.

  • Soft Freeze 1/21/219 - 1/26/2019
  • Hard Freeze 1/27/2019 - 2/2/2019
  • Upgrade Go-Live 2/3/2019 2-4am
  • Soft Freeze 2/3/2019 - 2/8/2019


How can I get more information about APeX 2018 upgrade if I have questions?

    You can reach out to the Clinical Systems team that you work with or contact project manager Jed Bargen ([email protected]).