Data Center Migration to Quincy Washington

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UC Health has established a “two data center” strategy to improve security, stability, and cost efficiency for data centers across UC Health campuses. UCSF is leading this effort –in fact, our medical record (APeX) is already running in the new data center in Quincy, WA.

We are currently migrating the remaining applications to Quincy.

Data migration schedule

Since the scope of applications and servers to be migrated has now been frozen, our data center migration partner is finishing up the process of bundling applications and servers in our environment into appropriate migration “move groups,” which will minimize disruption of services during migration. Migration events began in October 2016 and will end in March 2017.  Additional information can be found at the data center migration wiki site located at:

If you have questions or concerns about the upcoming migration activities, please send an email to our monitored email address at [email protected] and the team will get back to you. We appreciate all the time and effort that the UCSF community has dedicated to this project; your active participation has been instrumental in this project’s progress.


Remaining Data Center Migration Dates

Begins 6:00 pm on start date & concludes 12:00 pm on end date


Move Event Move Dates
Move Event 3 10/14/16 – 10/01/16
Move Event 4 11/04/16 – 11/07/16
Move Event 5 12/02/16 – 12/05/16
Move Event 6 12/16/16 – 12/19/16
Move Event 7 01/06/17 – 01/09/17
Move Event 8 01/27/17 – 01/30/17
Move Event 9 02/24/17 – 02/27/17
Move Event 10 03/10/17 – 03/13/17


Why are we moving?

Current State of Mission Center Building (MCB) and 654 Minnesota Street Data Centers (MN654)

  1. Aged with limited expansion opportunity (power, cooling, space)
  2. In the next 5-8 years, we will be facing:
    • Need to refresh the data centers facilities infrastructure (power, cooling, monitoring)
    • Inability to support higher density compute without upgrading
    • Build out of data center space
    • Conservative capital expense: $5M - $8M
  3. Located in a high active seismic zone

Even if the capital investment ($5M-8M) were made to stay in San Francisco, we still have the seismic concern.

At the end of the project, MCB space will be reconfigured as office space and MN654 contract will close.