IID/CLS Replacement Project: Hitachi ID


What is IID/CLS?

IID/CLS is the legacy system for managing identities at UCSF. It is responsible for issuing and maintaining unique IDs – called EMPL-IDs or 02-IDs – for all Employees, Students, Affiliates, and Residents & Fellows on the UCSF Campus and at the Medical Center.


What is Hitachi ID?

The Hitachi ID product will manage identity information for over 50,000 Employee, Student, Resident / Fellow, and Affiliate users across UCSF. Hitachi will provide a better User Interface that will simplify the Identity Creation Process and will be an overall process improvement for ID managers. 



  • A web-based interface
  • No more logging into a terminal with a separate password
  • No more work lost due to the screen freezing
  • New system will be available 24/7

Why replace it?

IID/CLS and the Payroll System (OLPPS) are the last two applications left on the mainframe. Once the new Payroll System (UCPath) goes live, UCSF will be decommissioning the mainframe for good. This is the main driver behind the IID/CLS Replacement project.

For more information on the UCPath project, please click here.


Who is impacted?

IID/CLS is often referred to as the “heartbeat of UCSF” because it integrates with so many different systems. Since a unique identity (02-ID) is required for System Access and Door Access, it is typically the first step in onboarding a person at UCSF – as well as in separating them. But while everyone at UCSF has an 02-ID, only a small subset of people will be affected by the IID/CLS Replacement project. These include:

  • The 425+ Identity Management Workers who use IID/CLS to issue and maintain unique IDs for Employees, Students, Affiliates, and Residents & Fellows.
  • The 600+ Door Authorizers who will soon be using Hitachi ID to approve access to the doors that they are responsible for.
  • The owners of the 7 systems that integrate with the IID/CLS Web Service.
  • The owners of the 16+ upstream systems that send data to IID/CLS.
  • The owners of the 50+ downstream systems that receive data from IID/CLS.
  • The 200+ system owners and reporting users who query IID/CLS data from UCSF’s Operational Data Store (ODS).

When will the changes occur?

The IID/CLS Replacement project is scheduled to go-live on September 13, 2019.



If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].