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Business Purpose: What is WebEx?

WebEx is a real-time, multi-functional, collaborative web meeting and conferencing tool provided by Cisco Systems. All UCSF faculty and staff will be able to use this service at no cost. WebEx allows you to meet, collaborate, present, and share content with your colleagues in different building or in another city. Meet face-to-face with HD video conferencing, share your entire desktop, or specific documents or apps, with everyone in the meeting. Participants can also give "remote control" to others for demonstration or support purposes. WebEx also features online chat, as well as all of the tools you need to share presentations and desktop applications, write on online whiteboards, and make annotations.

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Below are a multitude of uses for this technology on the clinical academic and non-academic side:

  • Conducting follow up patient visits
  • Patient consults
  • Conducting on-line courses
  • Advisor/Advisee interaction
  • Communication between students and professors during office hours
  • Collaboration with research colleagues
  • Interview, new staff
  • Recruitment, including face-to-face meeting with prospects, graduate applicants, etc.
  • Case Conferences
  • Guest lecturers and presenters
  • Class coverage while away (instructor in a box)
  • Communicating with service units… Library
  • Collaborate with colleagues across campus or across the country/world
  • Meet online and share files, information and expertise
  • Recording a training, meeting or course session

Pilot Timeline

The pilot program will complete Q1 2015. The WebEx service will become IT supported effective Q1-Q2 2015.

Who can I contact for WebEx training and/or technical assistance during the pilot?

During the pilot, you may contact Najla Farzana for any WebEx help at:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 415-476-6676


FAQ Page

For more information about this pilot, please contact: