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Advance is a secure web-based application that provides faculty, academics, and academic personnel administrators with academic profile information, as well as online tools to manage the Academic Review and Academic Leave Request processes.


Using Advance

Advance is accessible via MyAccess.

  1. If you have MyAccess credentials:
  2. If you do NOT have MyAccess credentials:
    • Go to Get MyAccess, and follow instructions provided there.
    • When you have your MyAccess credentials, follow the steps above.



Advance is available for use at all times except when there are scheduled maintenance events (typically in the pre-dawn hours of the third Sunday of each month). Faculty and Administrative users will be notified via the Faculty listserv and Advance-L in cases of unforeseen outages.



Access to Advance is either automatic (academic titles) or is granted through a request made to [email protected]. Typically, administrative access is reserved for people within the HR Shared Services Team. However, departments may request limited access (see below) to enable an overview of Faculty and Non-Faculty Academics (NFAs) within the department. Requests for access should be approved by the Chair and/or MSO for the department.

  • Faculty and Non-Faculty Academics - By default, all Faculty and Non-Faculty Academics (NFAs) with an appointment in the Payroll System (PPS) are automatically granted access to Advance.
  • Advance segregates administrative access by role, assigned by the Security Administrator.
    • The Academic Personnel Analyst (APA) role manages the academic review process. This role can create and add documents to packets, invite reviewers to view packets, and route packets to other review levels (Department, Dean’s Office, CAP, VPAA). This role is expected to ensure that each packet is complete and ready for review before routing to the next level. The Academic Personnel Administrator role is only granted by request of Shared Services managers.
    • Chair, Dean, CAP, and VPAA roles are assigned to appropriate people who have the authority to certify and approve packets.
    • Other roles
      • The Administrator role can view academic records and run reports, but plays no part in the Academic Review process. This role is typically assigned to department staff who have some responsibility in managing their academic personnel.
      • The Admin Plus role can perform Administrator functions, but can also view Academic Review packets, drafte the Chair Letter, receive packet decision notifications, and can view the most recent packet CV. 
      • The Proxy role can only be assign by a faculty member who has designated this person to work on his/her CV or Packet. ​
  • The Advance-L listserv has been established for Advance. The listserv provides:
    • A communication vehicle to disseminate important Advance related information to all Advance administrative users.
    • A method to communicate changes to the system or notifications regarding outages.


System Requirements

Advance is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Supported browsers include:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x, 9
  • Firefox 3.x
  • Safari 5
  • Chrome 21


Getting Help

For help with password resets, Advance questions, or support issues:


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