AV Technical Support

For lectures, conferences and other events, ETS is the media solution for all your technical needs. Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians will set up venues to meet your exact specifications, as well as provide reliable onsite technical support throughout your event.

Event Planning

Our knowledge of UCSF classrooms and lecture halls and breadth of technical experience ensures your event will be a professional experience for all attendees. Simply tell us your needs and event goals and we will plan the rest.

Video Recording

Record your event for future audiences! If you choose to have your event recorded you can expect the following:

  • Our technicians will arrive prior to the start of event to ensure the venue is ready for your presentation.
  • You can choose to have the technician(s) onsite for just the event start and on-call for the remainder of event or our technician(s) can staff the entire event.
  • Pricing is based on event length in two-hour increments.
  • A wide variety of audio visual and computer equipment is available to rent for UCSF faculty, staff and students.
  • Pick up and drop off equipment yourself, or we can deliver and pick up for an extra charge.
  • Daily and half-day rentals are available.

Learn more about our Video Services — including editing, video conferencing, class capture, and live streaming.

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