Blue Coat (Web Proxy)

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Blue Coat is a tool to keep people away from dangerous websites. When a computing device on the Medical Center network tries to access a website which falls under the Phishing, Botnets and Spam categories, you will be redirected to a custom exception page indicating that the website is blocked. Custom whitelist/blacklist (lists containing legitimate/illegitimate websites) can also be created to allow/block access to specific websites. Customer support will have the ability to notify the appropriate ITS business unit to whitelist sites that are false positives.  A false positive site is defined as a site that is flagged as bad but is providing a valid service that Blue Coat interprets as bad.


Below are some typical sample screens exhibited by Blue Coat that will be displayed by any web browser visiting websites that have anomalies.

•Server Not Found Example (Issue not related to Blue Coat)
•Website is actively blocked by Blue Coat

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