Business Intelligence

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We provide the following services to cater to the reporting needs of various departments at UCSF:

  • Build and maintain standard reports & dash boards to cater to enterprise and department’s needs.
  • Provide platform and training for self-service reporting and analytics.

Business Intelligence utilizes IBM Cognos and Qlik tools to deliver Professional Dashboards, Standard Reports, Cubes for doing Analysis and AdHoc Query capabilities.

Using Business Intelligence - Cognos

To access Cognos BI, please go to:

Additional Features and Functions

BI Applications Currently in Production:

  • MyReports (Financial and Operational Reports). MyReports is UCSF’s campus-wide and health reporting solution providing financial and human resources data. Owned by the Controller’s Office and supported by ITS, MyReports enables users to answer transactional questions, determine unit net position or sponsored research balance, and manage financial and personnel activity.
  • ICR Benchmarking System (Sponsored Financial Activity & Space Reports - data as of December, 2013)
  • Cognos Adhoc Prototype (CAP - available and data as of February, 2014)
  • Weblinks (available and data as of February, 2014). WebLinks was replaced by MyReports in Fiscal Year 2013-14. Historical data (through February, 2014 general ledger) in the previous chart of accounts can be viewed using WebLinks.

In Progress:

  • MyReports Enhancements
  • Health Reports


Cognos BI applications are available Monday through Sunday, 7x24 daily except 3rd Sunday of the month for maintenance.

MyReports is available 24x7, except for the third weekend of the month for scheduled maintenance. Please note that between the hours of 8 and 10 p.m. there may be periods of intermittent unavailability due to application/system update activities.

Getting Help

For help with Cognos BI questions or support issues:

  • Submit a Get IT help ticket
  • Cognos BI Support Schedule Monday - Friday (except holidays), - 6 p.m.
  • Call the UCSF IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100, Option 3

For help with MyReports questions or support issues:

  • Email Controller’s Office Solution Center at [email protected]
  • Call the Controller’s Office Solution Center at 415-476-2126

Using Business Intelligence - QlikView

To access QlikView BI, please go to:

Additional Features and Functions

BI Applications Currently in Production:

  • QlikView Platform consist of the following tools (QlikView, NPrinting)
  • QlikView Dashboards is an enterprise wide dashboard reporting solution providing clinical, financial, human resources, operational data and research data for the Enterprise Business Intelligence team. Assist Franchise developers on hosting dashboards in a centralized Bi QlikView platform.

Qlik NPrinting is the reporting platform for QlikView. A centralized distribution system simplifies and expedites scheduled, managed report generation and distribution. Users have access to a complete set of reports.

In Progress:

  • Order mode Dashboard
  • Dashboard Enhancements


QlikView BI dashboard applications are available Monday through Sunday, 7x24 daily.

Getting Help

For help with QlikView BI questions or support issues:

  • Submit a Get IT help ticket
  • QlikView BI Support Schedule Monday - Friday (except holidays), - 5 p.m.
  • Call the UCSF IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100, Option 3

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