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What is UCSF Chatter?
UCSF Chatter is a FREE, private, professional networking and collaboration tool.  It allows users to create secured workspaces and invite users from UCSF (and externally) to participate.

Chatter users can create ad hoc public or private workspaces to exchange conversation and version-controlled files. The simple group structure makes it easy to get started in a few steps, and group members control what kind of notifications they receive and when. Workspaces support:

  • Secure posts/responses for group members
  • File Sharing (with version control)
  • Hash tagging posts for later reference (like Twitter)
  • "Following" people and files to receive updates on their activities

What can Chatter be used for?
Use UCSF Chatter as a secure area to collaborate on things like: proposal collaboration, project communications, committee communications, and as a listserv alternative.

Examples include:

  • APeX Med Center and Nursing Superuser support during APeX electronic medical record go live
  • Communicators Network as listserv replacement for its communications and meeting coordination
  • Academy of Medical Educators member discussion forum and community building
  • Software development project coordination and communication for Centralized Agreement Contact Tracking and Approval System (CACTAS)

Who can use UCSF Chatter?
UCSF Chatter is available to all UCSF faculty and staff.  While post-docs can access the system, it is not yet widely available to students.

Can I add non-UCSF people to my UCSF Chatter Group?
External (non-UCSF) users can be added to groups by the group owner. Please note external users log in at

How can I get started?
Simply log in at or log in to MyAccess and select UCSF Chatter to activate your account and get started today! No VPN required!

Where can I use Chatter?
Chatter is available via web (using any modern web browser on a PC or Mac), iPhone, iPad, and via desktop client.

What else you should know

  • Over 10,000 users are activated in UCSF Chatter and its use is growing!
  • Please do not post Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Want to learn more? Check out the Getting Started Guide or join the 'Chatter Help' group on UCSF Chatter.