Video Conferencing with the San Francisco VA Medical Center

UCSF Staff and Faculty that have a UCSF Cisco JABBER Account can now videoconference with users from the SFVAMC.


How does this work?

While CISCO JABBER can call internally to UCSF employees, if you know the SIP Address (Video Address, example [email protected]) of the person you are trying to call at the SFVAMC, type that address in the contact field.

What are the user Video Addresses of the SFVAMC?

If a person has a Cisco JABBER account at the SFVAMC, their address would be [email protected] (This is not their email address but a video address used by Cisco JABBER).

What if a user at the SFVAMC wants to call me?

Similarly if a person from outside of the UCSF Video Conferencing Network wants to call a UCSF user, you would need to provide your video address. 


  • Video Address for UCSF users who have a Cisco JABBER account are [email protected].     (This is not an email address, but your video address to initiate a video call with them) 


  • The Video Address can also be found once you are logged in to Cisco JABBER, type your last name and it will show under your contact entry.


Why does the SFVAMC person not show up in the UCSF Cisco JABBER phonebook?

Video phonebooks are internal to each organization.  It is not possible to share Cisco JABBER phonebooks between organizations. 

How do I save a SFVAMC contact as a favorite so I don’t need to type their video address every time I call them?

Once you have successfully initiated a call to the SFVAMC, the person you called will be in your history. 


  • For PC:  Right click on the person in your history and click “Add to Favorites” This person will now be in your favorites.


  • For Mac:  Click the bottom corner left settings drop down button in the Cisco JABBER window and click “Add to Favorites” This person will now be in your favorites.


Can a person from the SFVAMC CISCO JABBER to call into a UCSF video Bridge?

Yes. If you have been provided a bridge number, users outside of the UCSF Video conferencing network would type [email protected]

Can a person from the SFVAMC call into a UCSF Conference room?

Yes.  If you are in a specific UCSF Video Conference Room,  SFVAMC Cisco JABBER users can video call if you know the video address of the conference room.