Cisco JABBER VIDEO for iPad

IMPORTANT NOTE: Jabber Video for the iPad is no longer available from the iTunes store or from Cisco. If you have previously downloaded and installed the application, it will still work with our video infrastructure. Unfortunately it is no longer available for new users. We apologize for the inconvenience. There is a Cisco Jabber app which has different features that do not include video.

Cisco JABBER VIDEO for iPad allows you to make and receive video calls from your iPad. Cisco JABBER Video itself works on laptops or desktops. Cisco JABBER Video also allows you to make calls to registered UCSF's video conferencing rooms.

Please note: Cisco Jabber for iPhone is a separate product and does not work with UCSF video conferencing systems. 


  1. You can configure Jabber Video by following the jabber_for_ipad_quick_start_guide.docx instructions to register with the UCSF TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS).
  2. Once configured, log in with your JABBER Video account user name and password. If you do not have a JABBER Video account, you can request on through the Service Desk via Employee Self Service or calling 514-4100.  
  3. Plese see the JABBER for iPad Quick Reference Guide for usage of the Cisco Jabber Video for iPad.

When possible, we recommend using the JABBER Video desktop video conferencing client instead.

Jabber for iPad is an alternative client for participating in video calls with other JABBER Video users and with rooms and conferences on our network. There are non-technical considerations to keep in mind when using your iPad for video communications. These include being aware of your surroundings and being mindful of security and privacy requirements. Also while you may receive high definition audio and video on the iPad, you will not be sending in high definition. You should avoid moving the iPad during the call.

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