ConferencePlus FAQ's

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What is ConferencePlus?

ConferencePlus is a collaborations service provider and has been a preferred vendor at UCSF for over 10 years. ConferencePlus was recently purchased by Arkadin. This close partnership has led to a solution set of products directly related to the unique requirements at UCSF

  • Integrated audio, web, streaming webcasts, and video conferencing services as well as customized solutions.
  • All conferencing is automatically billed using the funding string associated with the conferencing account.
  • All audio accounts can connect up to 150 participants and include access to over 40 global access numbers.
  • Any UCSF employee can request an account which is supported by a dedicated Account Manager and support team.

To setup your account, or change the settings or billing preferences, please contact the Customer Service Team at 800-866-0888.


What are the costs of ConferencePlus?

Conference calls(via ConferencePLUS); vendor cost per minute plus $0.02/min total $0.04/min.

Please note: Recording fees are an additional charge.

For a full list of all conferencing costs, including international rates, please contact the ConferencePlus Customer Service Team at 800-866-0888.

Which ConferencePlus Service Type is best for my audio conference?

ConferencePlus offers many different call features to address the specific requirements of your call. For day-to-day calls, it is a reservationless conferencing account that can connect up to 150 lines, 24/7. Only the host of the conference call has access to the moderator code, which launches the event. This makes your call very secure.

Other services, including operator assisted calls, can be found at ConferencePlus or by contacting Brittany Tuchmann

at  +1 847-413-2777  or  [email protected]

How can I get documentation for using Conference Plus?

When you request a ConferencePlus account, you will receive a welcome letter with the user guides needed to effectively manage your account as well as information regarding online tools available to you. You will be able to login to our website,, to manage your conference account.  This service is called MyAccount Dashboard (account_dashboard_user_guide.pdf) Features included in this service:

  • Service History - detailing your conference calls from the past 90 days
  • Access to downloading recordings from your calls, (recordings are available for 10 days only).
  • ViewPlus - an online tool which allows you to view your conference calls in real time and manage your call settings
  • Modify your reservationless account settings
  • Access to our productivity tools and online tutorials.

An overview of ConferencePlus services can be found at

Who do I contact for billing question?

For Billing and Troubleshooting questions, please contact Brittany Tuchmann at 1 847-413-2777 or [email protected]



Who do I contact to setup an account?

To request a conferencing account, please call our reservations line at 800-866-0888. Contact Brittany Tuchmann for budgeting purposes . Brittany can be reached at 1 847-413-2777 or [email protected].