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Online directories are available for use at all times except when there are scheduled maintenance events. Printed UCSF Directories are no longer available.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my online directory information?

While ITS does maintain the online directory, this department is not responsible for the information in the directory. The information in the directory is pulled from the Campus Locator System (CLS) database, which is contained within the Online Payroll/Personnel System (OLPPS) datebase. The information in CLS is entered and maintained as follows:

  • For Campus employees - CLS records for the employees of a Campus department are maintained by that department's payroll/personnel staff, headed by the payroll/personnel analyst (PPA).
  • For Medical Center employees - Medical Center Human Resources (Phone: (415) 353-4688)
  • For Residents/Fellows - Graduate Medical Education (Phone: (415) 514-0146)
  • For Affiliates - Gallo (Phone: 510-985-3110), Gladstone (Phone: (415) 734-2036) and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Phone: (415) 476-6049) are responsible for the CLS data of their respective affiliates. The data is entered and updated in CLS by ITS staff.

Why doesn’t my listing in the GAL in Outlook match my directory listing?

The Campus Locator System (CLS) record that is used to populate the Faculty and Staff Directory is also used to populate the Global Address Listings in Outlook.  If the information in these two listings does not sync, contact ITS Customer Support.

Is there a reverse look-up directory?

The benefits of being able to search for an employee based on email address, campus box number, campus phone number, etc., are clear.  However, for security reasons, ITS has no plans to offer search options other than the first name, last name and department searches that are currently available.  It has been determined that identifying employees based on any other criteria is a safety and security risk.

Can I print a staff phone list from the directory?

The Faculty and Staff Directory is set up and formatted for computer screen use only. It was never intended to be used to print department staff listings. Because the department name is not entered consistently in the Campus Locator System (CLS) for every employee in that department , a search by department name only will most likely NOT produce a complete list of the dapartment's employees.

For that purpose, please use the WebLinks application located at Anyone with WebLinks access can generate a department contact list. Once you are logged into WebLinks, select the Departmental Phone Listing link under the Employee Data section. Enter your department’s DEP Code and select the various other options.  You can view the list in the screen first, and then change to a PDF or Excel view for print purposes.

Why is my name not capitalized correctly in the directory?

The Faculty and Staff Dirctory does not capitalize multi-word names correctly.  For names such as:

  • first name Jo Anne (shows as Jo anne)
  • last name De La Fuente (shows as De la fuente)
  • last name O'Conner (shows as O'conner)
  • last name Azarin-Burdine (shows as Azarin-burdine)

Unfortunately, there is currently no solution available to address this name formatting issue.  The name field is actually derived from the Online Payroll/Personnel System (OLPPS), which is used by all the UC campuses.  In OLPPS, all names are formatted in uppercase letters only.  When the name is exported for use in the online directory, for mailing labels, etc., only the first letter of each name field (first, middle and last) is capitalized. 

ITS is aware of this issue and may at sometime in the future attempt to address it.  The first name can currently be set to appear correctly by having the correct capitalization of the name entered in the Preferred First Name field of the Campus Locator System (CLS) within OLPPS.  However, because of the many different variations possible for last names, i.e.: de la Fuente, De La Fuente, De la Fuente, there may be no formatting solution that will be able to address all possibilities to everyone's satisfaction.

Why does my title or department name appear that way?

ITS has no control over how titles and department names appear in the Faculty and Staff Directory. Campus Human Resourses sets the title name related to the title code in the Payroll system. The Controller's Office sets the department name related to the department code in the Accounting system. 

Both of these fields can be overwritten in the Campus Locator System (CLS) by entering a Working Title Name and/or Working Department Name. This will affect how the information appears for mailing label jobs as well as for the directory.  However, this "working" information is set at the discretion of each employee and the staff responsible for maintaining that employee's CLS record. ITS is responsible for loading the information into the directory as it appears in CLS. ITS is not responsible for the actual listing content.

Should I be worried about email address theft from the directory?

ITS recognizes that exposing your email address via the Faculty and Staff Directory may encourage spam to that email address.  However, leaving it out defeats one of the primary purposes of your directory listing.

You may choose to restrict your email address to only those viewers who are within UCSF. Have the release code for your email address in the Campus Locator System (CLS) set to "3" and the email address will not be visible to anyone outside UCSF.

Another approach may be to talk to your technical support staff and see if there are ways you can configure your email application to better divert spam to the trash before it reaches your inbox.

The directory file is protected and ITS has constructed the directory search so that it is not possible to grab and dump the entire contents. However, a patient spammer (or spammer bot) could look up the entire directory one letter at a time. There really is no way to both make contact information in the directory available and at the same time prevent someone from "harvesting" it.

There is no universal solution that ITS can implement at the directory level and no "one solution fits all" for those listed in the directory. For each individual it comes down to a balance between ease of access and tolerance for spam.

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