Editing (mark up)

When I am sending an envelope, how do I make sure that my recipient(s) can edit the document if they need to do so?

When you are preparing to send the envelope, scroll to Envelope Settings toward the bottom of the screen and make sure that the box is checked for ‘Allow recipient(s) to edit the document(s).’  

If you are using a template and do not see this option, the person who created that template did not enable it on the template level.  Check in with the template owner to see if that was intentional or if they might be able to change that setting.  

Can recipients also make changes to the document if they notice an error or omission?

Yes, but only if the sender enabled that option when the envelope was created and sent.  This option is a check box under Envelope Settings on the sending screen. 

If the sender didn't do that and you still want to make changes, contact him or her directly and ask them to correct the envelope and enable that feature (see below).  Note that all signers on the document – regardless of whether they are earlier or later in the workflow than the person who marked the document – will need to initial the changes.  Even if you are not a signer, you will receive a note in the Completion Notification email which informs you that changes have been made.


Click here for step by step instructions to edit the document text by using the DocuSign Mark Up tool.