1.  Is there a maximum file size or a maximum number of recipients for an envelope?

The maximum total file size for an envelope is 25 MB.  There is no maximum number of recipients for an envelope.  

2. How come I cannot see a document that was sent to me when I log into DocuSign via MyAccess?

 (A) If you received an email notification that someone sent you a document to be signed BEFORE you logged into DocuSign via MyAccess, you will not see that document in your DocuSign Console that you log into via MyAccess.  You will, however, still be able to sign the document by clicking on the View Documents link in your email notification.  When you log into DocuSign for the first time via MyAccess, it will automatically create your account.  Until then, DocuSign does not compile your documents to be signed in one centralized inbox or account.  All subsequent documents will appear in the inbox in your DocuSign Console. 

(B) Additionally, check with the person who sent your document to make sure that they used the EXACT name that is associated with your DocuSign account.  You can see this name in the top right hand corner of the DocuSign screen after clicking on the arrow.  


If the name that they entered into the recipient field doesn't match exactly (first, last, any title), then you will still be able to sign but it will prompt you to create a new signature and it will not show up in your DocuSign queue.  


3. When I log in through MyAccess, DocuSign tells me that there are two (or more) accounts associated with my UCSF email address.  How can I merge them or delete the ones that are not part of the UCSF enterprise account?

There is no easy way to merge the accounts.  If you want to maintain only one account, the best practice would be to keep your UCSF enterprise account and delete all other accounts.  Before deleting any accounts, make sure that you have downloaded any documents that you want to retain.  When you are ready to delete them, you can make that change either by calling DocuSign Support at 866.219.4318 or by emailing [email protected] from the email address associated with your DocuSign account.  In that email, state that you would like to close all DocuSign accounts except for the UCSF enterprise account - include the account number, which can be found in the top right corner of the screen.  Be sure to include a contact phone number in that email as well. 


4. How do I know where a document goes after I finished signing it?

 You can view the routing status and order of a document by logging into the DocuSign console through MyAccess.    From the Home screen, click on the Manage tab at the top of the screen.  This will take you to your DocuSign mailbox.  Make sure that inbox is selected.  Then select (single-click) the envelope that you want to know about.  

5. My document has a watermark that says "in process" on it.  How can I remove that?

The watermark will remain on the document until all signers have taken their assigned actions.  Once the workflow is complete, the watermark will no longer be on the document when you log in and retrieve it from DocuSign.  

6. My DocuSign account has my legal name but I want it to show the name that I use here on campus, or it doesn't use the email address that I want.  How can I change those aspects of my DocuSign identity?

In order to change your DocuSign user name or email address, open a ticket.  Note that you most likely will not be able to change your email address because it is tied to MyAccess.