New Look and Feel for DocuSign Signing

Documents sent via UCSF's DocuSign on or after January 4, 2016 will have a new look and feel. All of the functionality remains the same. See below for screenshot comparisons. Questions? email [email protected]


Initial Signing Request Screen

When you click on the link in the DocuSign email notification, you are currently directed to the sceen below, in which you would click the 'Review Documents' button to review and sign the document.

Old Review Documents Screen:

screenshot of old review document initial screen


The new version will direct you to the screen below, in which you would click the 'Continue' button to review and sign the document

New Review Documents Screen:

screenshot of new review document initial screen


Note the following changes:

  • Previously, the message that the sender wrote was only included in the email notification. Now you see it in the top left corner of this screen as well.
  • Instead of the pop-up which directs you to choose to review documents, decline, change signer, or finish later, you are now only given two options: Continue and Other Actions. Other Actions opens a drop-down menu (see below) to Finish Later, Decline to Sign, or Assign to Someone Else. Finish Later is the same as it was previously. Decline to Sign is the same as what was previously Decline. Assign to Someone Else is the same as Change Signer.

More/Other Actions:

The Other Actions menu replaces the More menu, but all of the content that was in the More menu is in the Other Actions menu, though some will have slightly different wording and the order is rearranged.



  • View History
  • View Certificate
  • Change Signer
  • Decline
  • Mark Up (if enabled for envelope)
  • Finish Later



  • Finish Later

  • Decline to Sign (replaces Decline)

  • Assign to Someone Else (replaces Change Signer)

  • Mark Up (if enabled for envelope)

  • Support (link is new to this menu)

  • View History

  • View Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure (link is new to this menu)

  • About DocuSign (link is new to this menu)

  • View Certificate

Old More Menu:

Screenshot of More menu

New Other Actions Menu:

Screenshot of new Other Actions menu




The process of signing itself remains the same, but completing the signing process is slightly different.  The Confirm Signing button is replaced with a Finish button.  The Finish button is now on the very bottom of the screen instead of appearing in-line near the last signing field.  


Old process for finishing a document:

screenshot of old confirm signing button


In the new version, once you have finished signing or entering data into all of the required fields, the blue bar at the bottom of the screen will display "Done! Click Finish to send the completed document."  On the right side of that bar, you will see a Finish button and an Other Actions button.  Click the Finish button to complete the process.  

screenshot of new finish button


Mark Up 

Mark up is the term that DocuSign uses for allowing a signer to make changes to the document.  This feature needs to be enabled by the sender.  If it is enabled, and a signer selects Mark Up from the More menu (new menu is called 'Other Actions'), they will be able to drag a block of white text to where they want to make a change and then enter the new text in that text box.  All previous signers of the document will need to initial the change to confirm it.  The wording of the Mark Up instructions have changed slightly.  In the new version of Mark Up, the Mark Up tool to drag and drop is persistently on the left hand side of the browser, while it was previously in the upper right hand corner.  


Old Mark Up instructions:                                                                                

screenshot of old markup instructions

New Mark Up Instructions:

screenshot of new markup instructions

Old Mark Up Tool:                                                                                          

screenshot of old markup tool

New Mark Up Tool:

screenshot of new markup tool