Tips and tricks

Should I tag the signature fields so that the signer knows where to sign?

It depends on your situation.  Many people just click through documents and sign without reading to actually know what you are signing.  If you’re concerned about that the person who will be receiving the file might not even glance at the document itself, then don’t tag it.  Let the signer find out where they need to sign and drag their signature to that location on the page.

If, however, you are asking someone to sign a multi-page document that requires lots of signatures and initials, etc, you might want to tag it so that they do not miss one of the fields and accidentally send it back to you incomplete.  If you tag the fields before you send it, DocuSign will not consider the file to be complete until they sign all the fields that you tagged. 

Can I use the DocuSign app on my iphone/android/ipad/tablet?

No.  UCSF does not currently support the DocuSign app because it does not yet allow single-sign-on login through MyAccess.  You can still use DocuSign by using the browser on your phone or tablet, and either logging in through the DocuSign link in MyAcccess or by going to

I just sent an envelope to someone and now I am realizing that I want to send an almost identical envelope to someone else.  Is there a way to copy my original envelope with its tags, workflow, and documents?

Yes.  You can clone the envelope and either send an identical version to the same person or another person or make some changes and then send it off.

Warning - name matching : if you are typing in the name and email address of the recipients, make sure to use the exact spelling of their first and last names.  If the name doesn't match the name on the account, then they may not be able to track the status of the document in their DocuSign console.  They will, however, still be able to receive the email notification and sign the document. To allow your account to accept envelopes sent to your email address with a different name (John Doe vs Jonathan Doe), go to  Preferences  (under drop down via arrow in top-right-hand corner of screen), then select Names Available and check the Senders may add new spellings of my name box. Then click Done.    

Warning - name in signature:  Do not change the name in your signature.  For example, if you are John Doe according to your initial DocuSign account and your UCSF email, do not change it in your signature font to Jonathan D. Doe.  Your name (first, last, and middle initial if applicable) must match the name used in your signature in order to have all of your signed and sent documents stored in the same account.