Forced Device Encryption

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UCSF enforces device-level encryption when connecting your smartphone to the UCSF email system.

Very important: Before enabling encryption, backup your device. Make copies of photos and other data you have stored on your device.


Android and BlackBerry OS:

Enabling encryption on the device prior to forcing it from the system allows you to control the process; reports indicate that this provides the best customer experience.

We strongly recommend that you take the time to enable encryption on your device now and avoid the impact when the encryption policy is pushed out from the system.

Windows mobile and Apple iOS:

No action from you is necessary; reports indicate that there are no adverse impacts resulting from device-level encryption being pushed out from the system.

Factors to consider:

  • Actual time it will take to encrypt your device will vary
  • Connect your device to an external power source to prevent the battery from being drained
  • Interruption of the encryption process due to loss of power will result in the loss of your data
  • Encrypt the external storage (micro SD) card as well as the device itself.

Enabling encryption

  • Android OS
    provided as an example, the encryption function on your specific Android OS phone may be located under a different menu.
  • BlackBerry OS

For additional information and answers to questions regarding enforced device-level encryption, please email [email protected].