ActiveSync Settings for Android

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Important: By using ActiveSync on your mobile device, you consent to having your device remotely wiped in the event of suspected theft or loss. Remote wiping may result in the possible loss of personal data on the mobile device. Prevent permanent loss of data; back up your mobile device regularly!

The ActiveSync for Android configuration uses the same account credentials you use when logging in to Outlook Web App (OWA) at For illustrative purposes we are using the Campus domain and the account ‘Man, Sam’ as examples. Please substitute your actual domain and account credentials when setting up your Android OS smartphone.

Because of the variety of versions of the Android OS on an assortment of different devices from multiple carriers, we have provided the necessary profile settings and not a definitive step-by-step guide. Activate your Android device per the manufacturer's instructions.

We recommend performing software updates and back-ups/restorations frequently.

The use of the ActiveSync* protocol includes the enforcement of minimal security standards on your Android phone.


Table of Contents:

  1. ActiveSync Settings for Android
  2. Email Profile Settings