Client Features Comparison

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Feature Outlook 2016 for PC Outlook 2016 for Mac Outlook-on-the-Web Apple Mail
Office Add-ins Yes Yes
Read only.
Conversation view Yes Yes Yes  
Unified Inbox Yes No    
Advanced search Yes Yes Yes  
Rich text editing Yes Yes    
Import .pst files Yes Yes    
Export .pst files Yes No    
Propose new time Yes Yes    
Supports more than one account in one Inbox Yes Yes    
Contact search Yes Yes    
Create tables Yes No
You can paste tables
from Word into Outlook.
Voting buttons Yes No    
Message recall Yes No    
Read receipt Yes No
You can respond to a message with
a read receipt, but you cannot
request a read receipt.
Ignore and Clean Up actions Yes
The Ignore button on the ribbon moves an entire
conversation and any future replies to that
conversation directly to the Deleted Items folder.
The Clean Up button moves older, redundant
messages in the conversation to the Deleted
Items folder but keeps the most recent message.
Attachment preview
in mail messages
(on computer)
Yes Yes    
Expand distribution lists
to show individual members
Yes Yes    
Flagged items Yes Yes    
Auto-archive for folders No No    
Arrange By options Yes Yes    
Modify column views Yes Yes
In single line view only
Multi-view support,
Make this the Default View
Yes Yes    
Block auto-download
of Internet messages
Yes Yes    
Multiple options when
Yes Yes    
Mark message as read Yes Yes    
Show/hide message header Yes No    
Set folders as favorites Yes No    
Compose in HTML
or plain text
Yes Yes Yes  
Customize folder order Yes No    
Delay send Yes No    
Auto correct options Yes Yes    
Always BCC Yes Yes    
Send message defaults Yes No    
Check email address Yes Yes    
Set message sensitivity Yes No    
Automatic replies Yes Yes Yes  
Set folder retention policy Yes No Yes  
Digital signatures Yes Yes    
Message encryption Yes Yes    
Flag for follow up Yes Yes Yes  
Find related messages Yes No    
Share availability (free/busy) information,
calendar, or contacts
Yes Yes
Only with internal users.
Overlay calendars Yes Yes    
Side-by-side calendars Yes Yes
Up to three side-by-side calendars.
Schedule view is not supported.
Calendar preview in meeting requests Yes Yes    
Create or modify server-side rules Yes Yes Yes
Limited set of options
Synchronize categories with
Exchange Server
Yes Yes Yes  
Mailbox size and quota information,
which includes the total mailbox size
and space available space
Yes No    
Cached Exchange mode
Download mode choices:
full and headers only
Yes Yes    
Public folders Yes Yes    
Delegates Yes Yes