Spam Glossary

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  • Blacklist: A spam filter blacklist is an access-control mechanism that means “allow mail from everybody, except members of the blacklist.” An email spam filter may keep a blacklist of addresses, any mail from which would be prevented from reaching its intended destination.
  • Blocking: Email from only the most egregious of known spam sites is prevented from entering the system. This mail is discarded and not stored anywhere.
  • Scoring: Every incoming message that is not from a whitelisted source is scanned and scored for the existence of spam attributes.
  • Tagging: Incoming messages that exceed a predetermined threshold are marked by having a label inserted into the beginning of the Subject field. The thresholds can be set globally or locally. The global threshold acts as a default level. The local threshold takes precedence for that specific account once it has been set.
  • Quarantining: The process in which a message addressed to you is held in your spam firewall quarantine mailbox.
  • Whitelist: An email whitelist is a list of senders that the user defines as trusted whose mail should not be sent to the trash folder under any circumstances. In a spam filter whitelist, mail from the listed email addresses, domains, and/or IP address will always be allowed.