Spam Filter Operational FAQ

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Table of Contents:

  1. Spam Filter Operational FAQ
  2. How is spam defined?
  3. How often will I receive notice from the UCSF spam firewall?
  4. How do I get into my spam quarantine? Do I need a login and password?
  5. What is the URL for my quarantine? Can I bookmark it or add it to my favorites?
  6. If Barracuda, the spam firewall manufacturer, sets recommended tag, quarantine and blocking scores of 3.5, 10 and 7 respectively, why is ITS changing these settings globally within the system?
  7. I accidentally clicked "Deliver" instead of "Delete" in my quarantine. What happens?
  8. I have over 4 pages of quarantined messages. Do I have to delete them one at a time?
  9. I will be out for one week. Do you mind if I don't update my quarantine until I get back?
  10. I'm concerned that I am receiving some very offensive email. Is there any end in sight?
  11. My last batch of Barracuda messages were all spam. I selected all the messages, and clicked "Deliver" instead of "Delete". Not only did I have those messages delivered, but now it thinks that they aren't spam. What should I do?
  12. Do I need any local filtering, in addition to the Barracuda?
  13. I've deleted something from my quarantine by mistake. Can you recover it?
  14. Will I have deleted all the email that accumulated in my absence by deleting the most recent Barracuda email?
  15. I have been away from the office. Do I have to open the Barracuda email from each day that I was gone, or are the messages cumulative so that I can view my quarantine in the most recent Barracuda email?
  16. I just spent a long time deleting a large amount of messages. Now they're all back. I don't want any of them. What am I doing wrong?