Web Browser Compatibility and Features

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Because email is considered a primary method of communication,
'beta' versions of software are not recommended.

The new Outlook Web App (OWA) address is

Access the complete OWA feature set from these operating system and browser combinations.

On a computer running Windows 7 or better
  • Internet Explorer 7 and later versions
  • Mozilla Firefox 25 and later versions
On a computer running Mac OS; 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11
  • Mozilla Firefox 25 and later versions
  • Safari 7.0 and later versions
On a computer running Linux
  • Firefox 3.0.1 and later versions
Note for customers using Chrome
  • Chrome is not recommended;
    With the release of version 42 Google formally ended support for an API that is necessary to include an attachment to an email message when using the full OWA client. It is still possible to attach files to your email message with Chrome by using the OWA Light version.

If you are using a Web browser that doesn't support the full feature set, OWA will open in the light version. The light version provides a limited feature set and is primarily designed for slower connections.

Outlook Web App Light feature set:

  • Accessibility for blind and low-vision customers
  • Limited calendar options
  • Scroll between pages
  • List of most recent recipients
  • Compose messages in Plain-text only

Outlook Web App Full Feature set:

  • Conversation View - Group messages from a single conversation together. Quickly identify the most recent messages and the chain of responses
  • Multiple Browser Support - Get the same richness and productivity experience from Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, and Safari 3+.
  • Single page of messages - No matter how big the folder, scroll through every message without having to advance through pages.
  • Nickname cache - By storing the email addresses of recent recipients, nickname cache helps address email more quickly by providing a suggested name as the address typed.
  • Filters - Filter are now easier to apply from a convenient drop-down menu with common options.
  • Search - Searching in OWA is now more powerful with advanced queries.
  • Calendar sharing - OWA now enables customers to share their calendars with people outside the organization.
  • View/set status - OWA allows customers to set their own presence so that others on the network can see their status.
  • Favorites - These are user-defined filters that customers can access at the click of a mouse.
  • SMS Sync - Using Exchange ActiveSync, SMS text messages can now be sent from Outlook and OWA.
  • Spellchecker
  • Server-side rules - Create and edit server-side rules
  • Right-click menu
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Reading pane
  • Public Folder access
  • Personal distribution lists - Create and edit personal distribution lists.