Outlook Folder Permission Definitions

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The following three permission levels allow files to be deletes from the folder that you're giving access to.

Use with caution.

  • Owner - This grants FULL permission to the selected folder. Typically a bad idea.
  • Publishing Editor -This also grants FULL permission to the selected folder, but it does not change who "owns" the folder. Be careful when using this option (useful if other people need to organize your folder).
  • Editor - This grants FULL permission, except for the ability to create new folders. Good for basic calendar sharing.
The following two permission levels allows edit/delete capabilities for only files the person granted access has created.
  • Publishing Author - Similar to Publishing Editor, except the granted user cannot delete files (or appointments) you have created.
  • Author - Similar to Editor, except the granted user cannot delete files (or appointments) that you have created.
The following six permission levels grant minimal access to your folder.
  • Non-editing Author - The user can create items (not folders), but cannot edit anything. They can delete items that they have created.
  • Reviewer - The user can see folders, but not sub-folders.
  • Contributor - The user can create items.
  • Free/Busy time, subject, location – User can view the time, subject and location of appointments and meetings on your calendar.
  • Free/Busy time – Shows only that time is blocked out on your calendar, no details are visible.
  • None - The level has no permissions (That is why the Default is setup with the Permission Level: None).