Email Security Overview

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The overall security goal is to allow only the minimum necessary access to all [email protected] servers. To this end, only the minimum number of TCP/IP ports necessary are left open, and physical access to servers is limited to [email protected] system administrators. The [email protected] servers are monitored constantly for suspicious activity, and security logs are checked on a daily basis.

Secure Email

Information on understanding and using the secure email system developed by the UCSF Medical Center, ITS and the School of Medicine. A sample of a pre-notification letter that UCSF faculty, students and staff may wish to send to potential recipients.

Virus Protection

The ITS [email protected] system employs the use of Trend Micro antivirus software and scans all inbound mail coming from non-hosted domains (everyone not on this system) at the SMTP gateway. Internal and outbound mail will be scanned by Trend on the hosting email server.

Spam Firewall

The ITS [email protected] system includes the Barracuda email spam firewall. This product will scan all incoming messages for possible spam. In addition, this solution allows every [email protected] customer the option to set up a personal email quarantine inbox with individualized rules and filters to allow for increased spam protection and control.