Gartner Research Portal

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Gartner Resources Available to UCSF Community 

UCSF faculty, students and staff have free and unmetered access to Gartner research, white papers, webinars and more on an array of complex IT issues, emerging technologies and industry trends.

The Campus Access Tool enables users to access the Gartner research library through a streamlined UCSF portal and is accessible through the website and by clicking here.  Services and products include: research reports, contract review, IT key metrics data, peer networking, appointments with analysts, and consulting.

How does this resource benefit the UCSF community?

  • Students can use Gartner resources for papers, presentations and research in almost any IT area
  • Faculty can bring real world issues regarding technology into the classroom  
  • Administrators and staff have access to IT trends in higher education which helps with institutional planning, risk management and compliance, financial, employee and student system upgrades

Gartner Core Research provides in-depth, impartial research and opinions from top IT industry analysts regarding technology related market intelligence data, research, advancements, and products.

Gartner for Technical Professionals provides how-to guidance to execute your projects:

  • Technical planning
  • Technical architecture and design
  • In-depth product evaluation
  • Creating deployment strategy
  • Overall project execution

Gartner for IT Leaders provides strategic guidance to lead your key initiatives:

  • Understand emerging trends
  • Develop IT strategy
  • Build business case
  • Evaluate vendors
  • Optimize pricing and contacts