A wide variety of audio visual and computer equipment is available to UCSF faculty, staff and students for rental. You have the option to pick up and drop of equipment or we can deliver and pick up for an extra charge. Daily and half-day rentals are available.

Equipment Rental Rental
Speakers (small/mediium) 39.00
iClickers @50 remotes and 1 base receiver 39.00
Laptop 39.00
LCD Video Display/Projector 39.00
Document camera 39.00
Mobile Teleconference phone (Polycom) 39.00

Digital audio recorder Screens (delivered)


Delivery is extra.

Contact us to pre-schedule AV Services and inquire about Equipment Rentals:

Tel: (415) 476-4310
Fax: (415) 514-3735
Room: Medical Sciences Building, room SB 43