[email protected] Windows Instructions


Pidgin is the client of choice for Windows workstations. These instructions will guide you through the installation and configuration of the software.  

***** Your PC should be on the campus network and you will need administrator rights to install the software*****  

  1. Install Pidgin from here: PidginInstaller or Web Download
  2. You will receive a security warning like the one below; click “OK” to proceed with the installation
  3. You should see a black screen  like the one below (please be patient and wait for the installation to complete)
  4. The installation should now be complete and you should see a Window like the one below, “Press any key to continue”
  5. You should now see an icon for “Pidgin”;  double click to add your account.
  6. You should now see the “Add account screen”; click on the “Add” button to begin the account configuration.
  7. You should now see the Add account dialog box like the one below.
  8. Each account is derived from Active Directory. You will need the user’s “username” and their current password; the domain should be “”.
  9. Now we need to add some additional server information. Click on the “Advanced” tab and use the default values for the port, leave the server value empty and add “” the “File transfer proxies”;  it should look like the screenshot below:
  10. Congratulations!  You have now completed the installation of the IM client software.


  1. Start the Pidgin software
  2. You will find your new IM account organized within your ITS workgroup (i.e. Infrastructure, Customer Service)
  3. Any of your co-workers who are online will appear in your “Buddies” window.