Jabber UC

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Cisco Jabber UC is an all-in-one secure communication tool which lets users view the availability of their enterprise contacts, instantly communicate using instant messaging (IM) & make/receive audio calls or video calls within and outside enterprise.


Faculty, staff, students and affiliates with an UCSF Active Directory account.

How to Request a UC Jabber Account

Download and install the appropriate Cisco Jabber UC client for Windows or Mac Operating Systems from the UCSF Software download site. To get IT help, contact the Service Desk online, or via phone at 415-514-4100.

Supported features

UCSF's current Cisco Jabber UC implementation supports following features:

Instant Messaging & Persistent chat

  • Chat securely with one-to-one or group IM.
  • Create persistent chat rooms & invite people throughout the enterprise to join the rooms.
  • Add Cisco Jabber UC contacts directly from the UCSF corporate directory.

Audio and Video calling

  • Make and receive audio calls to users within and outside enterprise.
  • Make and receive video calls to users or video endpoints (conference rooms or carts) within enterprise.
  • Join multi party video conferences via on premise video conference bridge.


  • View your contacts' availability status (Available, Away, in meeting etc.)
  • Display your own availability

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