Transitioning from Movi to Jabber UC - Macintosh

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Using Jabber Unified Communication (UC) instead of Jabber Movi for a Video Call for the Mac

For the limited number of customer using Jabber Movi/Jabber for Telepresence, beginning May 27th, you will no longer be able to use the Jabber Movi for videoconferencing. Cisco has discontinued support of this software, which requires an upgrade to the Jabber Unified Communications.

Launching Jabber UC

  • If you are on a UCSF IT managed computer and had Jabber Movi installed, we have installed Jabber UC for you.
  • If you need to install the software
    • Go to
    • Go to "Other Software" on the top right of the page
    • Download the appropriate version of Cisco Jabber Unified Communication for your operating system
    • Follow installation instructions listed on the page

Signing into Jabber UC

  • Sign in with your Network/Active Directory username and password. Your username will need to have added as a suffix.
  • E.g. [email protected]. DO NOT user your email address for this login.
  • Password: UCSF Network/Active Directory password

Once you have successfully logged in, the Jabber client will remember your username. Future logins will require you to enter just your network/active directory password.


Making a Test Video Call

Making a test call will confirm your configuration is correct.

  • In the "Search or Call" Field enter [email protected] (This is a TESTING bridge - do not use this for meetings)
  • Pause and wait for a menu bar to appear (see image below). From the drop-down menu click on the green phone icon to start the call.
  • If the call is successful, you will be connected to a video bridge with text at the bottom stating “you are the only participant”. You should also hear “You are the first participant in the conference” via audio. (see image below)

You will see the following if you have successfully connected.