MPM (Magical PAF Machine)

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The MPM is an online system that streamlines the paper PAF (Personnel Action Form, UPAY560-2) process. It eliminates the handwritten PAFs for most faculty, reduces manual rule checking, automates faculty payroll best practices, facilitates the reconciliation process, streamlines the workflow process (including approvals) and provides management reports.

Using the MPM

Users can login to the MPM system using their MyAccess login and password.  If connecting from off-campus, VPN is required.


The MPM system is available for use at all times except when there are schedule maintenance events.


An MPM user is assigned a role that gives access to the MPM system through the MyAccess system.  To be assigned a role, please have your supervisor send email to [email protected] and provide a description of what you do in the faculty/payroll modification process.

System Requirements

The MPM system is compatible with Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0/8.0 and Adobe Reader 10 (if you have an earlier version of Adobe, you will need to uninstall that version and install Adobe Reader 10.)  or Firefox 3.0 and Adobe Reader (version 9 or above).

Getting Help

If you have system difficulties, please email [email protected].

For other support issues:

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