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MyResearch is a secure data hosting service for researchers. This service provides research teams with a professionally managed, secure, web based, collaborative environment in which to manage files containing sensitive data. Also, MyResearch provides a remote desktop capability with application and data base services that allow investigators to view, manipulate, and save their data entirely in a protected environment without requiring files to be stored on their own computers. Applications such as SAS or Excel run on the MyResearch servers in our secure data center, but they appear on the user’s own screen as if they were running locally on the user’s computer.

Using MyResearch

The MyResearch environment can be accessed from any PC, Mac, or Linux machine. Document management software (SharePoint) provides a secure way for researchers to share files. Access to the MyResearch site and data requires investigators to login using their UCSF campus Active Directory user ID and password. Principal Investigators can authorize staff to access individual files or folders. Also, full audit reports are available.

Investigators connect to the MyResearch server using a VMWare View client installed on their device. Thereafter, data can be stored and retrieved in MyResearch.

Note: MyResearch has an outage window from 6-11:59 p.m. every Thursday.

To request a MyResearch account, or for help with any MyResearch issues, do one of the following:

To learn more about MyResearch:

Technical Specifics

MyResearch is supported in a secure, professional data center, locked and guarded 24x7 with UCSF badge access required for physical entry. Data exists on a private network with its own firewall.


  • Multi-homed Tier 1 network (Zero downtime SLA)
  • 2 local daily snapshots of full “crash consistent” server state
  • Managed policy based enterprise firewall using Cisco and Microsoft technologies
  • Managed VPN access. <ulManaged Active Directory for “Production Servers” and integration with UCSF Campus AD via trust.
  • Managed Active Directory for "Production Servers" and integration with UCSF Campus AD via trust