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UCSF Security Awareness and Training

IT Security provides security awareness training and education services to UCSF faculty, staff, and students.

The goals of these services include educating the UCSF community on:

  • the risks associated with using, transmitting, and storing electronic information
  • how to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data
  • the roles and responsibilities of each community member in protecting UCSF's data and systems

Security Awareness Campaign

IT Security has rolled out a security awareness program to promote safer information security practices at UCSF. This campaign includes an interactive campaign site.

Each monthly theme includes posters that can be printed in various size.  To take a look and request a template, please go to the Poster Page. 

Visit now and take the IT Security Challenge and win a prize! Everyone wins!


All UC employees, faculty, staff and students must take the UC Systemwide Cyber Security Awareness Course on the UCSF Learning Management System (LMS) upon hire and annually. You can get to the LMS  directly by clicking here, and then to the course by searching for "Cyber Security". 

There are also many advanced cyber security courses to take and prepare you for advanced certifications. For information on advanced cyber security  courses available on the LMS, please go to the Advanced IT Security Training Offerings Page

There are courses for employees who work with credit cards on campus or within the medical center. To find them, search for "Payment Card Industry" or  "PCI".

Periodically, we also provide live training to users with elevated privileges such as System Developers, System Administrators, and Executives.  To find out the current offerings, contact the IT Security Training and Awareness Program Manager, Esther Silver 415-476-7273.

Student/Department Orientation Presentations

UCSF IT and the the Technical Commons can come to your department to present an overview of UCSF's IT Security Requirements and Resources.  To request a presentation, please contact IT Security Training and Awareness Program Manager,  Esther Silver 415-476-7273.

To view a presentation we did in the past, please go to The SON Student Orientation Video.

IT Security Ad-hoc Educational Meetings and Webinars

From time to time, UCSF IT Security hosts authoritative speakers on relevant topics as well as other educational events.  To view material from past meetings or see what is coming up please go to our IT Security Educational Meetings Page.  

IT Security Tip Sheets

Tip sheets include critical information about security topics in one easy to read document. UCOP has created an Information Security Tips and Fact Sheets page that lists many great tip sheets from authoritative sources in the following categories: 

Protect Your Computer | Mobile Devices | Social Media | Two-Factor Authentication | Ransomware | General Cybersecurity | Protect Your Home Network | Identity Theft Resources |

In addition, from time to time, UCSF IT Security creates tip cards that also include pertinent information related to specific actions that need to be taken at UCSF in addition to the critical information about the topic:

Avoid Being Phished

IT Security and Privacy Awareness Champion Program

The program is designed to strengthen UCSF’s culture of cyber-security by engaging and empowering individuals throughout the organization to help ensure safe computing.  For more information, please go to the IT Security and Privacy Awareness Champion Program Overview and Resources page.



For more information contact the IT Security Training and Awareness Program Manager, Esther Silver 415-476-7273