Proof of Encryption

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The UCSF Minimum Security Standard requires that information residing on devices be encrypted. UCSF IT Security provides and supports encryption software for Windows and Mac OS X computers to the UCSF community at no charge. More information about Dell Data Protection Encryption (DDPE) is available at .

Please note that all current Macs that meet minimum security standards are compatible with DDPE and must use DDPE to manage their FileVault keys. Please install DDPE from

Windows computers that are encrypted with BitLocker or are capable of being encrypted with BitLocker can use Dell Encryption Enterprise BitLocker Manager (DEE BitLocker Manager) instead of using the Encryption Variance Form. Please install Dell Encryption Enterprise BitLocker Manager from


If the UCSF-provided solution does not satisfy a specific technical requirement, you may request permission to use an alternate method for encryption.  This requires the installation of IBM BigFix to record the computer's serial number in the ServiceNow asset database.  Download the BigFix installer from


Encryption Variance Request for individuals

ITS provides 24/7 support for key escrow/recovery for Dell Encryption (DDPE / DEE BitLocker Manager) and Symantec Encryption Desktop (PGP) encryption products. ITS does not provide this for alternate encryption methods; this is the department or individual’s responsibility.


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