SEP for Mac: FAQ

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UCSF SEP for Mac clients receive updates to security definitions via LiveUpdate every 8 hours.  Typically Symantec updates the SEP for Mac security definitions on a nightly basis.

Manually updating clients off-line (not connected to the Internet)

If you are infected with a new virus that is not being detected properly and have taken your computer off-line (not connected to the Internet) to prevent propagating the virus on your network, you can still update your virus definitions manually.

Note: You will need another computer that is connected to the Internet and a removable media device such as a thumbdrive or cd-r.

To manually update your definitions off-line:

  1. Go to a different machine that is free of viruses and connected to the Internet
  2. Using the clean machine, go to Symantec's Download Virus Definitions page
  3. Under 'Virus Definitions & Security Updates', click on 'Select Product' and choose "Symantec Endpoint Protection for Macintosh"
  4. Under the 'File-Based Protection' section, click on "Definitions" next to 'Download'
  5. Clicking "Definitions" will display the window below for Intel or PowerPC. The file can be copied onto your removable media
  • For Intel-based Macs, choose the default tab in the screen shot below
  1. Take your removable media and load it onto the computer you wish to update
  2. On the computer you wish to update, double-click on the file you downloaded
  3. You will be prompted to update your virus definitions.  Click the 'Yes' button.
  4. You will be notified after the update is complete.  Click the 'Ok' button to complete the process.