Secure Folder

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Every file inside a secure folder smaller than 400MB will be encrypted by the CipherCloud server. The purpose of a secure folder is to provide a way to encrypt sensitive data that does not fall under the category of easily recognized UCSF PHI, such as UCSF PHI images, audio files, video files or sensitive data that is not UCSF PHI.

Every UCSF Box account is provided with a secure folder following a Secure-(email) naming scheme. While most secure folders follow this naming scheme, it can be harder to identify a renamed secure folder or the subfolder of a secure folder.

To determine if you are collaborating in a secure folder, look at the folder's collaborators list. All secure folders are shown to be owned by CipherCloud SVC-Box.

Secure Folder FAQs

  • How do I revert my file back to an unencrypted state?

If the file does not contain UCSF PHI, drag it outside of your secure folder and keep it within your UCSF Box account. Once our server notices that your file does not contain UCSF PHI, our CipherCloud server will put your file in a queue to have its encryption removed. The time it takes to remove the encryption will be dependent on how many users are encrypting or decrypting their files that day, but it should not take longer than an hour. If it contains UCSF PHI, you can not remove the encryption, but you can access it by installing the CipherCloud agent.

  • How do I access my encrypted file?

You will need to install the CipherCloud agent.

  • Will my secure data be deleted when I leave UCSF?

Yes. Even though secure folders are shown to be owned by CipherCloud, each user's secure folder is mapped to their unique employee ID. You can find out which unique employee ID a secure Box is associated to by opening a ticket with ITS_BA_Box.