Workarounds for sharing sensitive data with non-UCSF collaborators

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 You cannot share CipherCloud-encrypted files with non-UCSF collaborators. If you need to share restricted data with parties outside of UCSF, you can either use MyResearch, onboard your external collaborator as a UCSF affiliate, of use UCSF's Secure Email.

MyResearch Workaround

This workaround only protects sensitive research data.

MyResearch is separate infrastructure that is not connected to UCSF Box's infrastructure. It is designed to support multi-site studies that involve non-UCSF collaborators. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

There is currently no cost associated with MyResearch.

Affiliate Workaround

Another option is to sponsor your collaborator(s) as an affiliate so that they can have their own UCSF identity and credentials as if they were a UCSF employee.

In order to start the process, you will need to search for your HR Representative. Once you have found your department's HR Representative, contact them and ask them how to start the process for setting up an affiliate.

The cost is dependent on the amount of affiliates you decide to sponsor. A discounted Data Network Recharge rate applies to affiliates. See the Data Network Recharge: FAQ for more information.

Secure Email Workaround

Secure Email allows you to email sensitive data to non-UCSF collaborators. This method is great for one-time transfers, but it is not good for ongoing collaboration or file storage.

It works by placing your outbound email message on a secure web site called UCSF Secure Messenger. The recipient receives an email message from the Secure Messenger indicating that there is a secure email message waiting for them at the UCSF secure website, along with a web link to the UCSF secure web site. By accessing the web link, the recipient will be able to retrieve the message over a secure link. You repeat this each time you send a secure email.

You can send a secure email by following these instructions.

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