Subscriber Information

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There are two ways to get a list of the listservs to which you are subscribed.

Email Method
-Send an email with no subject to:
[email protected]
-The one line of the message body is:
query *

The server will pull your email address from the FROM field of your email and look
for that address only.

Web Method
-Go to the Listserv web interface home page at:
-Click on the Subscriber's Corner link at the top left-hand side of the page
-Click the Log In link and log in with the email address that would be subscribed to
the listservs
(Note: If you have not logged into the web interface before, click the get a password
link to set up a password)
-Once you log in, you will see a My Lists tab that contains all the listservs you are
subscribed to via the email address you used to log in.
(Note: If you have more than one email address, you will have to log out and then log
back in& with the other address and a password to see the subscription information for
that address)