UCSFguest Instructions - Windows 7

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Just a few simple steps sets up a profile in Windows 7 to connect to the UCSFguest wireless network

Open Control Panel

Go to the Start menu and open your Networking and Sharing Control Panel

Start>Control Panels>Networking and Sharing

Click the Manage wireless networks link

Add a Wireless Network

From the Manage Wireless Networks window, click the Add button

Choose Manual Network Setup

When prompted for How do you want to add a network?, choose the Manually create a network profile option

Network Name and Authentication

In the Network name field enter UCSFguest

Select "No authentication (Open)" from the pull-down menu for the Security type field

Click the Next button.

Select Network "Location"

From the Set a Network Location window, choose Public Network

You have successfully added UCSFguest as a wireless network profile, now you need to complete some additional settings.

Modify UCSFguest Network Settings

Click the Change connection settings to open the UCSFguest properties window.

Select When to Connect

From the UCSFguest properties window, you can choose the following options:

Connect automatically when this network is in range
Connect to a more preferred network if available
Connect even if the network is not broadcasting its name (SSID)

Click the OK button to close the properties window.

Connect to UCSFguest

To connect to the UCSFguest wireless network, go to the Task Bar and click on the Wireless Network icon

Hover your mouse over UCSFguest in the list of available wireless networks 
Click the Connect button to logon.

Disconnect from UCSFguest

To disconnect from the UCSFguest wireless network, go to the Task Bar and open the Wireless Network icon

Click the Disconnect button.