UCSFwpa Instructions - Windows 8

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Add a Network

Press the Windows key + C and click "Settings" and that should bring up the Windows Charm menu to the right of the screen. 

The Windows key on your keyboard looks like this  

Click the wireless radio icon

Click "UCSFwpa" from the list of available networks

Enter your credentials

Enter the credentials you use to log into UCSF email. In the username field, enter the domain of your account followed by a backslash followed by your account ID. e.g., campus\sf123456, som\galenc, ucsfmc\bartonc.

  • Use the slash above the Return key.

  • Case doesn’t matter.

  • If you don’t know your account’s domain, contact us for help.

You will see this message "verifying and connecting"

Network Security Alert

Click "Connect" when you see this message.  Please note: this window may be hidden behind other windows and opened programs.  If you do not see this message, click Windows key + D which should minimize all your windows and expose the Desktop. 

Your device should now be connected, and you can confirm this by browsing to

Please contact the IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100 if you need further assistance.