Analog Phone Features

If you have a 9316 analog phone set:


Call Forward Universal

Call Forward allows you to redirect your calls to another phone or voice mail system.

To activate Call Forward

  1. Lift the handset and dial 51, listen for confirmation tone
  2. Dial the number you want your calls to forward to (6-6100 for voicemail)

To cancel Call Forward

  1. Lift the handset and dial 52, listen for two short beeps

Call Pickup

Phones in your department may be arranged in a Call Pickup group. This feature allows you to answer any ringing telephone within your Call Pickup group.

To answer a ringing phone

  1. Pick up your handset
  2. Dial 56
  3. You are connected to the call

Last Number Redial

This feature allows you to redial the last number you called

To redial the last number

  1. Lift your handset
  2. Dial # twice
  3. The system will automatically dial the last number you called

Message Waiting

The Message Waiting indicator alerts you that a message is waiting in your voice mailbox.

To retrieve voice messages

  1. Lift the handset and dial 6-6100
  2. Follow voicemail prompting

If this is a new voicemail box, to initialize your box use the temporary password 759759

Ring Again

When you receive a busy signal when calling someone on-campus Ring Again can alert you when his or her telephone becomes free.

To use Ring again

  1. You’ve dialed a busy extension on campus
  2. Press Transfer/Link/Flash button and dial 58
  3. Hang up
  4. When the telephone you called becomes free your line will ring
  5. Pick up your handset and you will be connected to the party
  6. If you do not respond your Ring Again request is cancelled.

To cancel Ring again

  1. Lift your handset and dial 58, it is now cancelled.

Speed Dialing

This feature allows you to program and store 30 telephone numbers. They can then be dialed automatically by dialing a code.  (Use codes 00-29)

To Program

  1. Lift the handset and dial 54. You’ll hear a confirmation tone then steady dial tone.
  2. Dial the two-digit code, start with 00.
  3. Enter the number you wish to store. Remember to dial 9 if it’s off campus plus area code if needed.
  4. Press the pound sign (#) and listen for confirmation, two beeps. Your number is now stored.
  5. Continue to program with code numbers 01, 02 etc. through 29.

To use Speed Calling feature

  1. Lift your handset and listen for dial tone
  2. Press the (*) and the two digit code for the number you wish to call
  3. The number is automatically dialed for you.

Call Waiting

When you are on the phone and a second call comes in this feature will notify you that a call is waiting. You may answer the second call without disconnecting the first.

To answer a call waiting

  1. While talking on the phone you hear a tone that a second call is waiting
  2. Press Transfer/Link/Flash and dial 53
  3. You are now connected to the second call and the first call is automatically placed on hold.
  4. To return to the first caller, press Transfer and dial 53. You can alternate between calls by pressing Transfer and dialing 53.

Call Park

This feature allows you to park a call at your phone and retrieve it at any other phone within the Centrex.

To Park a call

  1. While active on a call press Transfer and dial 57, you will hear a confirmation tone (two beeps) your call is now parked.  Inform your caller they will hear silence while parked.

To retrieve a Parked call

  1. Go to any other phone, pick up the handset
  2. Dial 55 and the 5 digit extension of the phone your call was parked against
  3. You are now connected to the caller

Call Transfer/3 Way Calling

This feature allows you to transfer a call to another party or establish a 3-way conference call.

To transfer or set up a 3-way call

  1. You are active on a call, press Transfer and dial the other parties number
  2. Press Transfer and all three parties are connected.  To complete a transfer just hang-up.