Digital Phone Features

The Handsfree feature allows you to use the built-in microphone and speaker to carry on a phone conversation. While using Handsfree, speak clearly—raise your voice a little if you move away from the phone. You can also use the MUTE feature to turn off your microphone. MUTE is useful when background noises interfere with your conversation or when you want to speak privately with someone at your desk.

To answer a call using Handsfree:

  1. Press HANDSFREE instead of picking up the receiver.
  2. If you wish to speak privately with the other person, pick up the handset. HANDSFREE turns off automatically.
  3. Press Rls to end your call.

To use Handsfree during your call:

  1. Press HANDSFREE and replace the handset in the cradle.
  2. To speak privately once again, pick up the handset.
  3. Press Rls to end your call.

To MUTE your microphone while on a Handsfree call:

  1. Press MUTE.
  2. To turn your microphone on again, press MUTE once more.