Scheduled Maintenance: USA Mobility Pagers: Scheduled Maintenance Notification

Status Type

Scheduled Maintenance

Date and Time

Thursday, September 6, 2012 - 21:00 to 21:30


To reduce a significant number of issues related to Two-Way pagers going in and out of “Storing Mode” and/or “Receive Only”, USA Mobility will be disabling the UCSF iLand Two-Way Private Messaging Network. All Two-Way pagers on the iLand Private Messaging Network will be transferred and re-registered with USAM’s San Francisco Wide Area Network.


During this scheduled event, customers with USA Mobility Two-Way pagers may experience a delay of incoming messages for no more than 2 minutes and may see “Storing Mode” and/or “Receive Only” displayed on their pagers. The display message should go back to “Full Service” after 15 minutes. If there are no changes after 15 minutes, customers are advised to power off the pager and then on to register with the network. Messages received during this event will be queued and delivered after the pager is registered with the network. No messages will be lost. CODE BLUE/CODE WHITE and One-Way Pagers will NOT be affected.

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