Service Interruption: MyAccess is Unavailable

Status Type

Service Interruption

Date and Time

Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 14:15 to 14:51


MyAccess Landing Page (uPortal) - the MyAccess authentication service did *not* go down. The primary server that hosts the MyAccess landing page was inaccessible. At around 14:15 vx32, the primary MyAccess landing page server, rebooted for unknown reasons. It came back up at 14:18 and Tomcat finished starting at 14:19. Although Apache, Tomcat, and uPortal all started correctly, uPortal was not working at that time for reasons as yet unknown.


Customers who access the MyAccess landing page as a way to get to applications were not able to do so. Customers who went directly to the URL for applications listed on the MyAccess landing page were able to authenticate with no problem. Only the landing page itself was temporarily inaccessible.

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