Service Interruption: Power Outage at Laurel Heights

Status Type

Service Interruption

Date and Time

Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 13:45 to Sunday, October 21, 2012 - 19:45


Laurel Heights is currently experiencing a PG&E power outage.


There is currently no power at Laurel Heights. The latest information from PG&E indicates that the Laurel Heights Power outage is anticipated to be out through at least mid-morning Friday. Depending upon the problem, it is possible that the power restoration will take most of the day. The building generator only maintains power for life/safety systems and safe exit, so there will not be power, HVAC, or lights to offices until PG&E power is restored. EH&S has closed the building to occupancy and re-entry until the power is restored. Child Care facilities will be closed and Campus Life Services staff are notifying parents. Emma Perez, Facilities Management CSC manager, has updated the Facilities Emergency Hotline Facilities (514-1212) with the information that Laurel Heights Power is anticipated to be out through at least mid-morning Friday and that additional information on the outage will be posted as soon as it is received. Facilities will also send this message out via the Laurel Heights Building listserv and signs will be posted on the building entrances. Police communication staff are also contacting the Laurel Heights department facility coordinators of record.

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